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Aatif and Iboo

(photos by Aamer Khan


Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide quality entertainment for a diverse audience in accordance with Islamic Standards.

Our Vision is to establish an Islamically sound standard for the identity of Muslim youth in Western Society.


Lota Pani started out as two Muslim Brothers trying to express themselves in a comedic fashion without having to do standup comedy. The desired medium was video. At the time, they paired up with another set of equally creative minds, namely O2 Films and created what we know today as Gandaghee. With a home-video style digiCam, a microphone from Radio Shack attached to a former broom-stick, and one of those cheap bowl-shaped flood lights, they set out to accomplish the impossible: Chronicling the everyday lives of Muslim Youth, in an attempt to bottle the stresses, emotions, and sometimes awkward experiences that we all have undergone through the sometimes painful process of growing up.

Building from the unprecedented success of their first film, Lota Pani Pictures is proud to present the production of Gandaghee 2: The Return of the Lota which promises to hold no punches and deliver non-stop comedy. Evident in the original Gandaghee and the sequel, Lota Pani Productions strives to provide quality entertainment that appeals to a diverse audience in accoradance with Islamic Standards.

Aatif Sharieff was born in Saudi Arabia but was raised in Columbia, Maryland since the age of four. As an artist at heart, Aatif’s creative endeavors in his childhood took him straight through Architecture School at UMCP. While studying architecture at Virginia Tech for his Master’s, Aatif was awarded many Fellowships for his merits in design, film, and photography, sending him all over the world including the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Chile, and Argentina. He studied film and architecture at prestigious institutions such as McGill UNiversity in Montreal and the Bauhaus Universitat in Wiemar Germany and is currently practicing architecture in Bethesda, MD and plans to culminate his Master’s Thesis in Islamic Architecture as soon as he goes on his honeymoon.

Ibrahim Zuberi was born and raised in Columbia, Maryland where he has always been at the center of the Muslim Youth's heartbeat. "Iboo", as everyone calls him, began expressing interest in the arts at an early and developed notoriety at the local level for his producing classic hiphop mixtapes. After a prominent hiphop artist contacted him for production Iboo had a decision to make, and after researching the deen, left the music industry entirely. Iboo continues to maintain a search for Islamic knowledge and has never stopped developing his creative side, making LPP his outlet for both. Iboo has a Bachelors of Science in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology and Computer Science from UMBC and is currently studying various sciences of the deen with local scholars while pursuing a career in the Biomedical Healthcare Industry.